Tekpress Solutions Limited

Tekpress Solutions Limited was established in 2009 by Cory Newton, President. After 23 plus years in the metalforming industry, Cory believed that there was a niche not being fulfilled in the marketplace: the need for a full service supplier to the metalforming industry. No longer satisfied to just sell equipment to the industry, the new focus will be to offer all associated services related to equipment sales and service: consulting, automation, press audits, tonnage calibrations, stop time calculations and certified safety training for employees. Tekpress Solutions’ goal is to become the one stop shop for our clients’ machinery and metalworking needs.
Our<span class=title2> services</span>

Our services

Tekpress Solutions Service Group - Our experienced staff have over 50 Years of experience. With installation experience up to 2000 ton and installations all over North and South America, our experienced staff can assist with almost any project.
Tekpress also offers electrical and mechanical field service for all types of presses and equipment.

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World Class<span class=title2> Products</span>

World Class Products

Tekpress Solutions carries a full and comprehensive selection of metalforming equipment. New presses, Genuine Wichita Clutch parts and a large selection of safety and automation products to help tailor turn key solutions to all customer needs.
The main difference with Tekpress Solutions as compared to our competitors is that we service what we sell and will stand behind our products. Turn key solutions are our speciality.

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Featured<span class=title2> Projects</span>

Featured Projects

A sample of some featured projects that show the broad range of Tekpress capabilities and services.

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